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Core competencies

Prolupin facilitates the whole value adding chain starting from planting lupines towards the process technologies and further product innovations.

Raw material Sweet Blue Lupine

Specific knowledge on the raw material

One of our unique competences is our knowledge on the raw material. We may optimally process regional lupines mainly due to our knowledge on ingredients and specific properties of various lupine seed varieties. However, we are focused on Sweet Lupines.

Patents on the process technology

Patents on the process technology

The food industry uses in limited amounts mainly flour or concentrates from lupines. However, the isolates we are producing are more reach in proteins. They contain more than 90 per cent of proteins in dry matter. Lupine Protein Isolates (LPI) provide compared to flours very specific technological, functional and material properties such as emulsion capacity, gel and foam creation and solubility. These properties may shift structure, texture or sensory properties in food. Lupine Protein Isolates (LPI) also may completely substitute milk, meat or egg in foodstuff. One may adapt or modify Lupine Protein Isolates for their use in bakery, meat and sausage, pasta or fine food goods.

Product innovations

Product innovations

Our core competence is to deliver various food ingredients and concepts according to the demands of our clients. Our research and development team is ready to innovate continuously to develop and adapt our products to meet the specific needs of our costumers.

Made with luve


Our own products under our umbrella brand MADE WITH LUVE are plant-based, vegan, GMO - free and by Nature free from Lactose, Gluten* and soy (*except pasta). Contains unique Lupine Protein Isolates (LPI) based on a patent-registered process and technology, developed at Fraunhofer IVV, Freising.


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