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Lupine Protein Isolate (LPI)

The Lupine Protein Isolate (LPI) contains more than 90 per cent protein in dry matter. This is a comparatively high amount on very valuable dietetic proteins.

In contrast to product mixtures such as flour our isolates have excellent technological, functional and material properties like emulsion, solubility, foam and gel formation capacities. The protein isolates may influence structure, texture and sensory of food. Our isolates may substitute milk, meat or egg in food completely.

The Lupine Protein Isolate (LPI) can be modified or applied for specific uses in bakery, milk, meat or fine food goods as well as in pastas. Targeting ingredients for special uses in diverse food applications is part of our product strategy and service to our clients.

Due to the very specific properties the Lupine Protein Isolate (LPI) may be modified and used according to many dispensing’s in quantities between 2 or 5 per cent in all food market segments.

The high dietetic value, the lack of lactose, gluten and cholesterol as well as the unique amino acid or minerals profile allow for the use as a food additive.

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Lupine Protein Isolate (LPI)
Lupine Protein Isolate (LPI)


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