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Product example MADE WITH LUVE Lupine Ice Cream

Prolupin is producing plant-based lupine ice cream, for the time being with the brand "Lupinesse" since May 2011. Our ice cream is a vegan product free of milk. It has a creamy consistence and a natural pure taste. Since May 2015 we offer our vegan ice cream specialties with unique recipes under our new umbrella brand MADE WITH LUVE. We launched as a start three varieties: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Followed by yummy cookie varieties, with a swirl of caramel whirled into or cacao cookies.

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Lupines and products made from lupines belong traditionally to human nutrition. The Sweet Lupine (Lupinus angustifolius) is a native legume. It has no specific demands on the soil and the climate. Especially farmers in Northern Germany prefer growing lupine.

The seeds of lupine ripe in hulls at the stem. The seeds are rich in proteins.

The lupine seeds are shelled, conditioned, flaked and this way prepared for the extraction process.

We use a special process to isolate the lupine proteins. They are of high quality, neutral in taste and very suitable for human nutrition.

Lupine proteins give the milk free MADE WITH LUVE  ice cream a special creamy consistence and a natural pure taste. The ice cream is by nature free from lactoseand milk protein. The ice cream is especially suitable for persons suffering from allergies.

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MADE WITH LUVE Lupine Ice Cream
MADE WITH LUVE Lupine Ice Cream