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Diversity in use

Prolupin produces pure vegetable food ingredients from the seeds of the Sweet Lupine (Lupinus angustifolius). We develop a large variety of use options for our products and diverse recipes to apply our products in the food, fine food and health industry.

Advantages of food ingredients made from Sweet Lupines:

  • Food ingredients made from lupines improve the final product.
  • Lupine products improve the flow properties of all ingredients in the food process.
  • They stabilize fat in the final product and enhance the emulsion capacity.
  • Lupine products reduce losses in blanching, boiling or cooking.
  • Lupine ingredients bind water and reduce losses of water in meat and sausage goods.
  • Lupine products improve the storekeeping of bakery goods.
  • One may enhance the roughage content; reduce the energy content and safe the typical properties using lupine ingredients in bakery goods at the same time.

We extract Lupine Protein Isolate (LPI), lupine fibers, lupine oil and use lupine shells in a patented procedure designed by Fraunhofer IVV. The process saves the properties of the ingredients. Each and any of our products improve specific product properties of very individual ways. Best example is our own MADE WITH LUVE portfolio: plant-based, GMO - free and by Nature free from Lactose, Gluten* and soy (*except pasta).

Nutrient- and energy content of various leguminoses.

Name Raw protein Raw fat Digestable
Roughage Minerals
Blue Sweet Lupine 33,3 5,7 29,3 16,3 3,9
Pea 25,7 1,4 53,7 18,7 2,9
Garden bean 24,1 1,8 54,1 19,2 4,4
Soy bean 39,0 19,6 7,6 16,6 5,5
Lentil 26,6 1,6 57,6 11,9 3,6
Chick-pea 22,7 5,0 54,6 10,7 3,0
Field bean 26,7 2,3 44,8 18,1 3,6

(Data in % of dry mass)

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