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Raw material from Sweet Lupine

A regional ressource

Our company initiates a structural impact for rural regions in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania. We also support a sustainable growth process in agriculture. Prolupin manufactured food ingredients from breeds of regional Lupine designed for food applications. Prolupin offers farmers production opportunities based on contract including price warranties. Farmers may grow lupine on soils at margin to achieve revenues.

Lupines have no specific demands on soil quality. Farmers may grow lupine on poor sandy soils. The competitive crop on these soils is rye. Hence, rye has a high demand on nitrogen and does not always guarantee good prices. We guarantee good prices for farmers who grow lupine on these soils.

Soybeans are the competitive crop of plant-based proteins. However, soybean often contains genetically modified organisms and proteins have a very specific taste. Lupines, especially our Lupine Protein Isolate (LPI), do not contain GMO and are sensory neutral in taste.

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