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Welcome to the Prolupin GmbH!

Food ingredients made of regional Sweet Lupine

Lupines are a traditional crop rich in proteins. They have been cultivated for centuries to provide food for people and feed for livestock. Farmers use lupines as an intermediate crop to improve fertility and soil structure of arable land also. Our goal is to support lupines returning back to landscapes, agriculture and as a source for human nutrition. GMO-free.

We separate various fractions from the lupine seeds. The most valuable fraction is Lupine Protein Isolate (LPI) containing more than 90 % of protein in the dry matter. Unique properties of the Lupine Protein Isolate (LPI) are a high capacity of emulsion ability and stability as well as the neutral taste.

Fibers from the inner most fiber of the seed are another fraction. They can be used to enrich roughage content in food.

Do you will learn more about the functionality of our food ingredients and the areas of their use? It is our pleasure to advice you and we would be glad to cooperate with you.

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