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Quality and environment

We assure a consistent high product quality due to a bundle of measures. We continuously supervise the quality of raw material, intermediate goods and products. We are going through a certification process according the International Food Standard 6 at present.

Environmental awareness

Prolupin manufactures clean vegetarian food ingredients from lupine seeds. We implement our guiding principle to produce and to market high quality food ingredients parallel in the field of environmental protection.

We exclusively use protein resources from regional markets. Our contracts with the farmers include supervision of the whole farming process. Thus, we also avoid environmental impacts known from other protein sources such as soybean. It is not necessary to cut clear tropical rainforest for soybean production when using native lupines. In addition, the transportation distances from field to manufacturing process are short. We therefore mitigate CO2 emissions compared to other protein sources.

Lupines fix respectable amounts of nitrogen to the soil. Nitrogen fixation improves soil quality for agricultural processes. When used lupine as a pre- or intermediate crop lupine may support a sustainable mode of farming.

The Lupine Protein Isolates (LPI) produced in our plant is free from solvents such as hexane. The oil separation from the lupine seeds is CO2 neutral. We store the product in recyclable synthetic containers to avoid waste from packaging.

We use solar energy to fuel our process produced at our production site.

Environmental protection is part of our mission and daily business.

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